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Finding A Tax Preparer in Akron, Ohio

Although Akron, Ohio is home to the National Inventors’ Hall of Fame, You do not have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to finding a good tax preparer in Akron.

You can start your search with the local yellow pages. Akron is friendly to small business and entrepreneurs. So, you should find a few local businesses that offer affordable tax preparation services through certified public accountants and enrolled agents. Both CPAs and Agents should be certified by the IRS. Make sure they charge per page or by the hour not a percentage of your return. Unless you want to be like Sinbad and host a reality show about how the IRS took your house, you should ask for references as well. The tax preparer should be able to refer you to at least two people that can vouch for their services.

If you are a small business owner call Mayor Donald Plusquellic’s office of Economic Development. Ask for the financial services department. They should be able to refer you a CPA or tax lawyer who can handle the needs of a small business.

Using private tax preparers in Akron not only supports the local economy it can also put money in your pocket. You want to choose a CPA that pays attention the changing tax laws. They can educate you one on one and prepare you for the next tax season.

If you are a real Akronite, a pioneer at heart, and want e-file you can still enlist the help of an affordable tax preparer. They can guide you through the process and minimize mistakes. University of Akron may offer a listing of recent accounting alumni who are certified and cost efficient.

Whether you choose a CPA, Enrolled Agent or tax lawyer to handle your taxes you should have no problem finding them in Akron, Ohio. A Simple phone call can put you in touch with a tax prepare who is affordable, professional and certified by the IRS.

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