How a Good Reverse Mortgage Splash Page Works

As the demand for reverse mortgage leads grow, so do the websites and lead generation companies that know how to put together a good, working, lead-attraction splash page.  The reverse mortgage lead generation splash page is much different from other types of lead creating splash pages.  They cannot operate in the same way as a real estate or shoe sales splash page operates because not everyone can qualify for a reverse mortgage loan.  They have to try to attract a specific kind of person.  Anyone can sell a home or buy shoes, but not everyone can receive a reverse mortgage loan.

Cast a Narrow Net

We buy reverse mortgage leads from companies who understand how to generate only those that are pre-qualified and ready to deal.  The people they attract want and need to know, specifically, how does a reverse mortgage work?  The website cannot cast a broad net for these types of leads.  It has to be a narrow net with the perfect bait if it is to attract a reverse mortgage lead.  This means that the website has to be constructed just right.

Qualifying Splash Pages

A good, reverse mortgage lead generating splash page will qualify the person before they sign-up.  It will stipulate in advance certain criteria that have to be met before a person can sign-up.  It will say, for instance, that the person needs to be 62 years of age.  It may also eliminate those with no equity in a home that is owned by them.  The perfect reverse mortgage splash page will attract only those who actually qualify for a reverse mortgage loan.  We buy reverse mortgage leads based on the knowledge that the leads already qualify.

Setting the Bait

How does a reverse mortgage work?  This is the question that must be used as the primary bait.  It should be answered in part, on the splash page itself.  However, it cannot be fully explained on the splash page.  The qualified lead should learn just enough that the serious person looking for a reverse mortgage will be enticed to enter their information so that they can learn more from a reverse mortgage specialist, that being the agents who buy reverse mortgage leads.

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