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Nowadays, businesses and companies are more aggressive with their businesses plans, marketing and sales strategies. Well, this may be due to rising numbers of companies and businesses plus there is a high demand from customers to provide excellent. Since every business is powered by profitable returns, transforming businesses into money making machine, the company and its employees undergo numerous processes, but essentially, it all leads to qualified sales.

Generating leads is the first step in the tedious sale process. Basically, it is finding and locating prospective buyers. Salespeople do this by identifying the key characteristics of their target market through constant research. The major task assigned to them is to gather sales lead by the use of various tools such as prospect initiated, profile fitting, market monitoring, canvassing, data mining, personal and professional contact and promotions. Prosper initiated is a survey form given usually in website form, advertisement respondence, etc. Profile fitting, on the other hand, utilizes available market profile usually the database of previous customer. Market monitoring, canvassing and data mining essentially deals with news feeds in the media outlets, information gathered through random questioning either by phone-in person or email, uses sophisticated software to manage the database, respectively. These sources of sales leads only matters when it is actualize to be a qualifying sales meaning. The following barriers to generating sales leads:

  1. Unattainable clients
  2. Satisfied customers
  3. lack financial means
  4. lack authority
  5. failure to purchase requirements

After determining the qualified prospects, a sales meeting is then set for actual exchange of additional information. It is best for the assigned salesperson to gather information on certain aspects such as: who is the key decision maker, what is the customer’s organizational structure, what products are currently being purchased and how are purchase decisions made.

Next, the sales team contacts the prospect buyer either by cold calling for presentation and cold calling for appointment. Cold calling for presentation is calling the client as well as giving your sales pitch, at the same time. A much better approach is cold calling for appointment which deals with setting a specific time and date as an appointment.

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