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The Benefits of Being a Tax Lien Certificate Owner

Tax lien certificates are debt instruments and one of the many examples of cash flow notes. Procuring one of these notes, which can either be bought or sold, means that the debtor will automatically owe you the debt. Notes obtained from the real estate industry are among the most popular type of notes. Investors prefer to collect them in lump-sum rather than wait for monthly payments.

A lien on a property for not paying taxes is called a tax lien certificate. Owners of a real estate have financial obligations, or a tax lien, each year. To remove the tax lien, … Read more at 2010 Tax.

The Changing Tax Laws And Who They Affect

There have been a lot of changes in the past few years regarding the tax laws. One change includes the Job Creation Act of 2010, which was part of a package designed to help stimulate the economy into new growth. These changes affected the money people earned in 2011 with some of the affected areas being in worker’s gross pay and people’s pensions checks.

When creating new laws during the 2010 tax period there were also several credits that were cut including the making Work Pay credit. The various credits were extended to people who were actually employed during … Read more at 2010 Tax.

3 Reasons Roth IRA’s Make A Great Place To Save Retirement Money

If you’re considering the type of investment you should put your retirement money into look no further.  In this article I’m going to show you three reasons why the Roth IRA is the best fit for this option.

First off a Roth IRA has the ability to let you pull money or take a distribution tax free after age 59 and a half without enduring a penalty.  This means whatever you have in your account is not going to be taxed. However with a traditional individual retirement account you have to pay taxes on ever dime you pull out of … Read more at 2010 Tax.

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