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Calculating for the Future: Understanding the Low Morgage Rates of Today

While seeing into your financial future can be difficult. Understanding a few key assumptions and numbers associated with your mortgage will allow you to get a good idea of the money you can be spending or saving in the years to come.

Today’s mortgage rates are the best in years, due to the slow economy and the housing market. Those wishing to apply for a loan may be pleased with the deals that are available. For instance, what is known as a jumbo loan now costs consumers less then ever. The current average rate for a thirty year fixed rate … Read more at 2010 Tax.

Home Tax Credit Going Away

The Home Buyer Credit is now gone and there are no more plans to keep it going. However, if you have the correct documents you may be able to claim this credit when doing your tax returns next year. Some people may still be able to receive this credit until September 2011.

One of the more talked about topics on this site is the home tax credit due the involvement of money, up to $8,000 for people who buy homes. This credit has been lengthened four times continuing to make good terms and goes all the way back to when … Read more at 2010 Tax.