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Ten Terrific Tax Tips

Posted on | March 1, 2011 | 4 Comments

It is that time of the year again.  Yes, tax time.  There are many people that like to procrastinate and wait until the last minute to fill out their taxes.  For this, there are ten tax tips to help anyone to fill out their taxes each year.

1. The first thing that anyone needs to do is to gather all their records and information.  Being organized in this situation really comes in handy.  Keeping all records together and in one place will help greatly. Some of these documents include canceled checks, receipts, and any other possible documentation that shows proof of a deduction or income.

2. Another great thing is to be prepared.  Everyone knows that W2s and 1099s get to people around the end of January.  The last day that employers are allowed to send out these forms are the last day of January, actually.

3. One great thing to take advantage of is filing electronically.  This is known as E-file.  This allows a computer to do all the mathematical calculations for you, so that you do not have to.  By doing a direct deposit into a bank account, a person can get back their money in about half the time it takes for a paper return through the mail.  Most people now a days take advantage of this system.  Actually, statistics show that two out of three taxpayers use this technology now.  This software can even be free sometimes.

4. Free file is something that is offered to people that have an income of $57,000 or less.  This is free software and filing that does the work for you.

5. Do not forget to consider all options.  Either a person can file themselves or go to a professional to have it done for them.  Sometimes there are free volunteer tax accountants that can help tax payers as well.

6. A great thing to consider is whether or not to do direct deposit.  This method is a lot faster than getting a paper file.  This is also able to be tracked online to see when it will be deposited.

7. The official website of the IRS is a great resource to use.  It has helpful forms, answers, tips, and updates on any changes that a person should be aware of.  All of this information is free.

8. Publication 17 is a way for tax payers to see a bunch of information that is necessary when filling out taxes.

9. Do not forget to check over everything before it is final.  Some things should not be rushed.  Rushing can cause mistakes that can cause a loss of money.  Calculations should be double checked so that errors are not made.

10. If problems arise, do not freak out.  Everybody goes through this process and people can help.  If nothing else, the IRS can be helpful as well.  Ask to get answers to your questions.

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